2016 Summer Olympics XXXI Tickets

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The 2016 Summer Olympics is a major international sports as well as cultural festival, true to the tradition of the Olympic Games. A host city has not yet been determined, however, various cities have begun the bidding process for that honor. The announcement will be made at the 121st meeting of the International Olympic Committee in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2009. As soon as a city is picked; tickets will be hard to come by as always for this international event. The winning bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics will also host the 2016 Summer Paralympics. It is believed that unless South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East areas that have never been Olympic Games hosts can impress the International Olympic Committee, the host city will more than likely be in North America since Asia, Australia, and Europe have been recent hosts.

Some of the countries that are considering submitting bids for the event include the following:

The capital city of Nairobi is likely to be the host city; however, it would have to make large improvement to its infrastructure in order for bidding to be taken seriously. Additionally, issues of serious crime in Nairobi would have to receive rapid attention long before the bid is placed.

South Africa
If South Africa chooses to place a bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics, capital city Cape Town is likely to be the host city. Cape Town made the short list in 2004, coming in third place, so many are optimistic about its prospects of hosting the Olympic Games in the near future.

Even though Beijing has officially been named the host for the 2008 Summer Olympics, some Asian cities believe with proper planning they still stand a chance for a winning bid in 2016.

Of course, there are a great deal more, but the United States is seen as a great contender to be the host country because of recent entries by both Asia and Europe. This, however, remains to be seen when the announcement is made in 2009.

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